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DryValet Paint Seal And Protect 250ml

DryValet Paint Seal And Protect 250ml
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At last a paint sealant you are in control of - that is easily applied.
Dryvalet Paint Seal & Protect is a totally different product to anything else you may have used - it is a unique product with a different chemistry in that it actually works with water and the water helps it bond with the surface.
Not only can you use it on your paintwork, but it also safely weatherproofs every non porous exterior surface of your vehicle - alloy wheels, glass, plastic and metal.
It can even be used on black mouldings - they won't turn white and it leaves a nice satin finish.
Warrior's protective shield has the ability to cover swirls and light imperfections.

You will be amazed at the improvement in your paintwork and when you run your hand over the surface, it wiill feel like you have just used a clay bar.

You will enjoy the simplicity and long term results of Paint Seal & Protect.
Whether you are a professional detailer or Sunday enthusiast, you will appreciate the speed of application and the mirror reflective gloss.


DryValet Paint protect, will protect from acid rain, UV rays, oxidisation, oil and tar fading. It has crystal clear sealants which adhere to the paint work, leaving a high gloss finish. DryValet Paint Protect contains a unique UV brightener which; for the first time in history can prove the quality and application of protection. This can be especially usueful for Valeting, Detailing companies and Dealerships as under a UV Light the customer can see that the protection has been applied correctly. 

Using a combination of polymers and specialist UV absorbers, the DryValet Paint Protect sealant ensures full protection against fading, oxidisation and the Suns Ultraviolet rays, as well as repelling acid rain and industrial fallout.
You should apply the DryValet Nano Paint Sealant in a warm, dry place out of direct sunlight.
In all cases, prepare the surfaces you are going to treat in the normal way, and then do a wipe down with an diluted solution of Isopropyl Alcohol to ensure everything is clean. Next, lightly wet either a cotton make up pad or a Microfibre Applicator Pad with the sealant and begin wiping it in evenly, using light pressure and overlapping strokes. Once on, leave the sealant to cure for 15 minutes and then buff off the residue using a microfire Towel to reveal an intense, streak-free shine. 
In order to get the best performance and quoted durability from the resulting finish, allow it to cure for a further 12 hours before getting wet.
  • Fills in tiny paint imperfections - hairllne cracks, paint pores
  • Provides slick glossy protective shield
  • Use on paintwork, alloy wheels, glass, plastic and mouldings
  • Easily applied in minutes
  • Protects against environmental elements and armours your paintwork for months
  • Repels water, dirt, brakedust and road salts.
  • Magnifies gloss and may be multi-layered for increased depth of gloss
  • Incredible slickness allows dirt and water to just roll off so your vehicle stays cleaner for longer
  • Maintains new finishes in their orignal condition
  • Blocks UV rays to maintain depth of colour of your vehicle
  • Provides months of protection - up to 16 washes


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